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Mobile Container PCR Laboratory

In December 2019, the COVID-19 was first reported in China, and subsequently broke out globally. It brought out a great impact on the normal operation of the global socio-economic. All countries have begun to attach importance to the establishment of a rapid response mechanism to deal with such similar situations.

Nucleic acid testing has become the most effective means of diagnosis for novel coronavirus patients, while the rapid construction of PCR lab has become the most urgently needed job for hospitals, disease control and other frontline health groups. Many factors such as the long construction period of traditional lab and the large number of people on site discourage the rapid development of nucleic acid testing.

Responding to the outbreak, we are in a race against time. Based on the needs of the frontline, the most excellent design team and industry resources are gathered in our company, and wor-king overtime to build the mobile container PCR labs. The labs are designed strictly in accor-dance with the standards of biological safety, to ensure the safety
of the researchers. It is well equipped and characterized with a combination of flexible and responsive, which can render dedicated for epidemic prevention and control by assistance hospital to carry out the inspec-tion work at the front.

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Mobile Container PCR Labs
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