Mobile Container PCR Labs

Mobile Container PCR Labs

  • Model NO. MC-PCR
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Basic Information
Product Description

Significance of Mobile Container PCR Labs

High Timeliness - When the epidemic occurs, the mobile container PCR labs can be quickly transported to the outbreak site to carry out the detection, which brings out the better epidemic control.

Good Benefits - In the outbreak, a large number of PCR labs need to be built. While after the outbreak, those idle PCR laboratories can causes huge waste. Mobile container PCR labs can just solved this problem on the premise of meeting urgent needs. When an epidemic occurs nearby (within 100 kilometers), it can be quickly trans- ported to the outbreak site and provided to healthcare staffs to complete the testing work. If there is no need any longer, it can be properly maintained until next time.

Reduce Transmission Range - The mobile container PCR labs can be easily transported to the outbreak site of epidemic, which means the reduction of the flow of patients, and the route and time of virus transmission, thus the outbreak can be well controlled.

Reduce Sample Circulation Time - Due to the shortage of testing staffs and facilities, or other problems such as longterm delivery time, preliminary screens usually have to be carried out with one or two days delay. They also cause the obvious difference of the virus nucleic acid test results on the same sample, which means the enlarged error and less accuracy. If the processing time can be shortened, the accuracy will be improved greatly, the testing time of pathogen will be less, and the distance of virus circulation will be reduced. All of those will contribute to control of the epidemic in positive roles.